Workplace Non-Hazard Drumlabels

For labeling chemical containers that are used in the plant, but not shipped or stored outside the plant, non-BS5609 and paper labels and can be applied. Brandywine's Poly-Twin® VP™ labels provide excellent strength and durability at a fraction of the cost of BS5609 film labels and are an excellent choice for workplace and non-hazardous labeling.

Workplace Labels are used on chemical containers in a work area in order to provide the most immediate source of information about the hazards of a chemical. The requirements for workplace labels are identified in OSHA’s HCS, 29 CFR 1910.1200(f)(6). The current version is HazCom 2012.

Non-hazardous and OSHA is not a contradiction, OSHA regulations cover the entire plant. The workplace labels don’t get shipped. The non-hazardous labels get shipped, but because of their non-hazardous status, they don’t require the same level of durability as hazardous labels. Non-hazardous labels (like workplace) can be paper labels – or Poly-Twin® VP™, which is a hybrid – paper sandwiching a thin piece of polypropylene. Poly-Twin® VP™ labels are stronger and more durable than plain paper, but not to the level of the Poly-Twin® LX™ or Poly-Twin® EP™ labels for Hazardous chemical packaging.

an excellent choice for non-regulated and in-house workplace chemical labeling requirements

Poly-Twin® VP™

Poly-Twin® VP™ labels are an excellent choice for non-regulated and in-house workplace chemical labeling requirements. Poly-Twin® VP™ labels are designed for use in both Color Laser and Inkjet Printing of GHS Labels. With Poly-Twin® VP™, Brandywine offers GHS color inkjet and color laser labels that match the durability of most film products—but at a fraction of the cost. 

Paper Labels

Paper pressure sensitive labels are available for laser, inkjet and thermal transfer printing and are commonly used as carton labels, secondary labels, customer labels and as workplace labels. If your chemical or chemical related products don't require outdoor durability or a BS5609 film label, or you have smaller containers that are packed in UN approved packaging, then cost-efficient paper labels can be a very good fit for your labeling needs. 

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