Brandywine will be On-site from the discovery phase to successful implementation

When Brandywine is part of your label implementation team you can count on us all the way through the process, from the discovery phase to successful implementation. 

On-site integration or implementation of software and equipment as part of a new or updated on-demand labeling project is another part of the Brandywine Difference. We’re not done with our part of the project until your implementation is successful. At that point we transition to your label supplier, with responsibility to your plants and print sites, keeping corporate apprised and involved as appropriate. 

Determining the appropriate labeling software, label sizes, label designs and graphics are all part of an initial evaluation of on-demand label projects. Brandywine will work with you to determine the scope of the project, provide input and recommendations, and then provide any necessary electronic or hard copy examples for you and your team.   

When your go-live date is determined, make sure you include Brandywine as we expect to be an in-plant participant in the successful implementation of your labeling project.

Improved Hazard Communication and Lower Labeling Costs

For over 20 years Brandywine has worked with our customers to achieve the dual goals of improved hazard communication and lower labeling costs. The primary engine of achieving this labeling sweet spot is on-demand label printing – printing the most up-to-date version of every label only when you need it.

That means that the label printed from your system is the one your regulatory and marketing professionals have approved. If there is a change in any aspect of the label content or graphics, once those changes are made in your labeling system, the next label printed and applied to your product is the correct version with no worries or liability. Your plant operators can focus on production goals and efficiencies instead of searching for the correct label to apply. Brandywine's primary role in your road to worry-free success is as part of the implementation team that helps determine label specs and makes printer recommendations. We can also assist with beta testing software, label and graphic design, and media lab testing beforehand. Finally, onsite availability and training are standard implementation success factors – and regular involvement and follow up with print sites and corporate reporting are all part of Brandywine’s comprehensive approach to delivering improved hazard communication and lower overall labeling costs.

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