BS 5609 tested custom adhesive, 50# lay-flat liner and a laser-specific top coating
a thin polyester film with a BS 5609 tested

For Color laser or LED printing of GHS Labels, Brandywine uses a proprietary process that marries a thin polyester film with a BS 5609 tested custom adhesive and a 50# lay-flat liner, and then applies a laser-specific top coating. The result is a premium Poly-Twin® LX™ laser label that meets all applicable regulatory standards and outperforms vinyl labels.

Poly-Twin® LX™ labels can be used on either sheet-fed or continuous laser/LED platforms to print very high quality and durable polyester labels. If your products have durability requirements, such as exposure to outside elements or harsh storage conditions, and you also want a shelf quality glossy label look, Poly-Twin LX labels are the right choice for you. Poly-Twin® LX labels are available in sheeted, continuous fanfold or die-cut roll formats.

Poly-Twin® LX™ Features

  • Designed to print effortlessly on most popular laser and LED printers
  • Does not damage printer parts (e.g., fuser)
  • Meets all OSHA regulations (HazCom 2012; DOT classification, GHS)
  • Easily passes IMDG 90-day water submersion tests
  • PIRA Certified to meet all sections of BS5609
  • Strongly resists damage
  • Comes off liner better than other labels
  • Aggressive adhesion in the most extreme conditions
  • UV light resistance limits fading
  • Proprietary top coating anchors toner
  • Custom configurations available, including Dual-Adhesive™ technology

Standards and Test Criteria

Standard: ANSI Z129.1
Test Criteria: Annex D – Durability/Readability

Standard: BS5609
Test Criteria: 90 Day Seawater Submersion

Standard: DOT
Test Criteria: 49 CFR Color Standard

Standard: OSHA
Test Criteria: 29 CFR Durability Standard

Standard: ACA
Test Criteria: HMIS UV Resistance Standard

Poly-Twin® LX Labels are Available in Sheeted, Fanfolded or as Die-Cut Rolls.

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