Poly-Twin® EP for Inkjet printers
a superior product for this breakthrough color printing platform
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With the Poly-Twin® EP™ color inkjet GHS label, Brandywine remains in the forefront of haz-chem labeling, including auto-labeling systems. Poly-Twin® EP™ uses a highly durable film face stock combined with BS5609-tested custom adhesives and our proprietary coating processes to achieve a superior product for this breakthrough color printing platform.

For Color Inkjet Printing of GHS Labels

Poly-Twin® EP™ chemical labels are PIRA-certified to meet all of the existing and proposed regulations for hazardous chemical labeling. When printed on the Epson, HP and NeuraLabel recommended color inkjet printers, the custom-engineered top coating anchors the liquid pigment ink, resulting in indelible images that stand up to the harshest labeling environments.

Poly-Twin® EP™ Highlights

  • Meets all GHS regulations (HazCom 2012; DOT classification/marking; Customs Department destination-specific labeling requirements)
  • Easily passes IMDG 90-day water submersion tests
  • PIRA Certified to meet all sections of BS5609
  • Excellent UV, abrasion and solvent resistance
  • Comes off liner better than other labels
  • Aggressive adhesion in the most extreme conditions
  • Proprietary top coating anchors ink
  • Custom configurations available,  including Dual Adhesive™ technology

Patented inkjet label technology – unduplicated in the industry

Available for Sheet-Fed, Continuous or Pin-Fed Color Inkjet Printers

Sheeted Labels / Continuous Fanfolded labels / Die-cut Roll Labels / Continuous Rolls

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