SKU reduction simplifies label management

On-Demand Printing Reduces Label SKUs

Pre-printed labels have a different Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) for each product, creating a massive library of label SKUs to manage. On-demand printing reduces label SKUs and inventory management while optimizing your labeling operations.

Auto Apply Labels of All Shapes and Sizes

On-Demand Printing Reduces Stock Keeping Units

With on-demand customized labels, each blank label can be used for multiple products. Using your in-house graphics, you only need to inventory a few sizes of blank labels. Without fear of not having the right label when it’s time for production, SKU reduction simplifies label management.

Rather than having a pre-printed label inventory for each of your products, you can typically reduce your label SKUs (Stock Keeping Unit) to 5 or 6 sizes – one blank label for each container size. 

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