pail with Brandywine label in the rain

Eliminate label erosion due to the working environment and other challenging elements. Brandywine's standard labels are rub resistant, and perfect for packaging and shipping in extreme weather.

Trust our expertise and experience to help you update your inventory with custom, durable drum labels.

Label Solutions for Harsh Environments

As a manufacturer and packager, you should always plan for the best, but prepare for the worst. And a worst-case scenario, for example, would be your product labels eroding or peeling off due to chemical exposure or operating conditions.

How can you counter the environment? The answer is simple: Brandywine Drumlabels' specialty, element-resistant product labels. 

At Brandywine, our labels are rigorously tested to withstand grease, oil and lubricants. On top of that, we specialize in labels that feature durability against water, alcohol, acetone, and UV exposure.

All on Demand, All the Time

We have found that the durability requirements for DOT, OSHA, ANSI and GHS labeling are best managed with on demand label printing.

On demand printing allows you to easily change pictograms on similar products or quickly alter content based on container size, all without having to spend extra time and money on maintaining and managing a large on-shelf label inventory.

Confirm Our Label Quality for Yourself

Print beautiful, vibrant labels from your own printer.

The unique chemistry of our Brandywine Drumlabels allows you to print durable labels on your own hardware without the need to over-laminate.

Contact us today for a FREE roll of blank or printed labels to test with your in-house printer and auto-application equipment.

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