Every employer is responsible for providing its employees with a safe and healthy workplace. Hazard communication labels is an important part of this responsibility.

But product labeling is only part of the solution. For those labels to remain intact and legible for both employees and customers, you must utilize labels specifically designed to withstand every type of external hazards and conditions.

Brandywine Durability Standards

A critical component of any Brandywine label product is its ability to meet an array of test criteria, including ink/toner anchorage and durability, and proper adhesive strength. We test for resistance to water, alcohol, chemicals and UV exposure, as well as scratch, rub and tape testing.

Adhesive testing is also conducted on steel, poly and fiber containers. Make sure your labels meet the Brandywine durability standards.

All our labels are tested and approved to meet OSHA, DOT, GHS, ACA, IMDG, HazCom2012, CLP, ANSI, and BS5609 requirements for chemical packaging.

All On Demand, All The Time

We have found that the durability requirements for labeling content were best managed with on-demand label printing, which allowed easy changes between similar products that had different pictograms or slight content differences based on container size.

To confirm the quality of Brandywine's labels for your application, we’ll send you—with no obligation—a sample pack of Poly-Twin® labels to test with your in-house printer.

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