Thermal Transfer labels

Thermal-Twin® drum labels bring Brandywine’s patented Dual-Adhesive™ technology to the thermal transfer printing platform, including chemical drum auto-labeling systems. Like their counterpart laser labels and inkjet labels, Thermal-Twin® drum labels are designed to withstand the most hazardous industrial chemical labeling environments.

Brandywine’s proprietary labeling technologies enable our customers to utilize their existing print-on-demand systems, increasing operational efficiencies and lowering overall labeling costs.

Among the Advantages of Thermal-Twin Breakthrough Technologies

  • Increased Efficiency
  • Effortlessly comply with trademark changes and customer special-name requests
  • Reduce labor on product re-branding
  • Eliminate the need to replace existing labels on re-branded shipments
  • Reduced Liability
  • Meet all applicable regulatory standards for durability and 90-day seawater submersion (HazCom2012,CLP, ANSI, DOT, BS5609)
  • Comply with OSHA standards without excess labor or labeling expenditures

Thermal-Twin® labels are designed to work effortlessly on both monochrome and color thermal transfer printers.  Thermal-Twin® labels are available as in either fanfolded or die-cut roll packaging.

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