There are currently nearly 900 chemicals on Proposition 65 list

There are currently nearly 900 chemicals on Proposition 65 list. The statute requires businesses to provide a clear and reasonable warning when the chemical exceeds a certain threshold. If you are a manufacturer, producer, packager, importer, supplier, distributor, or retailer (including online) with 10 or more employees and your product ends up in California, this statute applies to you. 

Effective August 30, 2018, companies are required to include the chemical name, as well as a yellow triangular symbol with the rectangular exclamation point (see sample below) on any product warnings. You can comply by either affixing the warning to the product (on-product label) or providing retail sellers with all required warning materials (i.e. product warnings and shelf/display warnings). By providing these warnings, you are protecting yourself from Prop 65 enforcement actions which are initiated by private parties acting in the public interest. These actions can cost your business tens of thousands of dollars. For more information about the regulation and to view additional sample warnings visit:

Proposition 65, State of California

Brandywine Can Help You Prepare for California’s Prop. 65

Brandywine provides labels for a variety of industries that require hazard communication and “safe harbor” warnings. Our on-demand label services further assist businesses by reducing costs, lead times and SKUs.

  • Replace your inventory of hundreds or even thousands of different pre-printed label rolls for each product SKU with a handful of blank label rolls. Contact Brandywine for printer information and recommendations.
  • Digitally print only the labels you need for a specific item and batch, for instance products subject to Prop. 65 regulations being manufactured, shipped to or sold in California.

It’s no secret that label regulations are constantly changing. Let Brandywine show you how to ease the pain of Prop. 65 compliance with digital on-demand label printing and minimize the disruption of future regulatory changes on your business!

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