Brandywine supports major labeling software solutions including NiceLabel, our own LCT system, BarTender, and Loftware.

Brandywine supports major labeling software solutions including our own LCT system, BarTender, NiceLabel and Loftware.

When Brandywine is part of your label implementation team you can count on us all the way through the process, from the discovery phase to successful implementation. On-site integration or implementation of software and equipment as part of a new or updated on-demand labeling project is another part of the Brandywine Difference.

Today all SDS Authoring systems include an integrated labeling module to design and print labels with information being pushed or pulled from EHS and ERP systems. We also have expert graphics capabilities that allow us to work in concert with your marketing and design professionals.


NiceLabel LMS

Brandywine supports NiceLabel LMS. The NiceLabel LMS is an all-inclusive label management system for businesses that operate a quality management system and for regulated enterprises. The NiceLabel LMS includes a label designer, application builder, document management system, web printing system, integrated printing system, a non-production environment and a change and transport system. It is scalable from five users to many thousands of users and can be extended to remote locations, suppliers or contract manufacturers.

Brandywine utilizes software solutions and successful implementation experience to help you determine the appropriate software, label sizing and design aspects, and suitable variable information to include on your product labels.

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Brandywine’s Label Collaboration Tool (LCT)

We enable our clients to leverage their own significant software investment to implement an effective hazard communication platform. We’re working closely with industry leaders in SDS Authoring and Labeling systems – including SAP GLM, UL Wercs, Verisk 3E and IHS Sphera among others – so that we can make best practice recommendations, an advantage beyond the scope of most label manufacturers.

Brandywine’s LCT centralizes all communications regarding your labels in a single, convenient location. 
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BarTender® software

Brandywine supports BarTender® 2016 software from Seagull Scientific. BarTender® software enables organizations around the world to improve safety, security, efficiency and compliance by creating and automating the printing and control of labels, barcodes, RFID tags and plastic cards.



Brandywine supports Loftware. Loftware delivers a complete labeling solution including software, services designed to meet the specific needs of your industry and your market. Loftware is certified on both SAP and Oracle and has extensive experience with other ERP systems used in supply chains today. Loftware prefers to utilize your existing technology and design a comprehensive, cost-effective solution around it.


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