UL Wercs, SAP, Verisk 3E, IHS Sphera, Chempax

All SDS Authoring systems today include an integrated labeling module to design and print labels with information being pushed or pulled from their EHS and ERP systems. At Brandywine, we work with all the major regulatory software providers and utilize our own expertise in relational database software systems to make sure this critical component of a solid labeling program fits with the other two components - hardware and label media.

Back in 2001, Brandywine was building and supporting a relational database labeling software program for some of our drum label customers for whom there were few other options available.  At that same time, the MSDS Authoring software world was inching its way toward including labeling as part of their Environmental, Health and Safety (EH&S) software offering. Brandywine’s WinWord design and print software became the template used for integrating a labeling module into these Authoring systems.

Beginning in 2003, these integrated Label Modules became the default regulatory labeling software for most medium and large chemical manufacturers, allowing Brandywine to exit the database software world by 2008.

Brandywine supports SDS Authoring and integrated labeling systems, along with some smaller custom systems.

Regulatory Software

UL Wercs, SAP, Verisk 3E, IHS Sphera, Chempax

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