Brandywine Drum Labels are resistant to all hazards

With 20-plus years of industry knowledge, Brandywine Drumlabels has become a recognized expert on regulatory compliance labeling.

Our innovative label solutions are tailored to the chemical product industry, allowing us to design, engineer, and manufacture labels with optimal adhesive strength and packaging durability.

All Hazards, All Conditions

Our standard durability metrics include resistance to water, alcohol, acetone, and UV exposure; our labels are also thoroughly tested for scratch, tape and rub endurance for container packaging and shipping.

Two key factors that we consider when testing for adhesive strength and abrasion resistance are permanence and durability. We work hard to create high-quality labels that will maximize the effectiveness of your operating environment.

All On Demand, All the Time

We have found that the durability requirements for DoT, OSHA, ANSI and GHS labeling are best managed with on-demand label printing.

On-demand printing allows you to easily change pictograms on similar products or quickly alter content based on container size, all without having to spend extra time and money on maintaining and managing a large on-shelf label inventory.

Confirm the Quality of Our Labels

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