Patents granted in 1997 and 1999 for coating two adhesives on a label

Brandywine’s patented Dual-Adhesive™ label technology allows our clients to make name changes after the initial labeling of their containers. Patents granted in 1997 and 1999 for coating two adhesives on a label (permanent and removable) address the common challenge facing chemical manufacturers that build for inventory.

When a chemical batch is being reacted for filling into pails or drums, GHS product labels are typically printed so the containers can be labeled with the product name the chemical is typically sold under, and then placed in a warehouse for shipment some time in the future. This probably covers 75% – 80% of the sales for that chemical product. However, often that same exact chemical is sold under a different product name due to private branding, joint ventures, or because the same chemical is being sold in other countries and requires a different trade name.

In most situations when the product name needs to be changed, the product label is removed and a newly printed label is applied with the new product name. With Brandywine's  Poly-Twin® Dual-Adhesive™ labels, the customer can remove only the part of the label that contains the product name, print a new product name strip and place that on the container. Instead of removing and replacing a full label, with Poly-Twin® Dual-Adhesive™ labels you typically only replace ⅕ of the label. Five (5) for 1 label savings are easy to calculate – it’s the labor savings that really add up!   

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