Brandywine designs, engineers and manufacturers all of our label products for on-demand printing on all relevant printing technology platforms. Every element of the label is carefully considered to maximize its effectiveness in your operating environment, from industry-specific top coatings and face stocks, to exclusive pressure-sensitive adhesive coating processes and coated liner construction – including our cost-saving and patented dual-adhesive™ Poly-Twin® labels.

At Brandywine, we offer innovation and industry specific solutions.

Brandywine’s Poly-Twin® labels are specifically designed for on-demand label printing to meet GHS standards for chemical packaging on a wide array of tested and approved color laser and color inkjet print platforms.

very specific elements, including pictograms, signal words, and various hazard and precautionary statements

GHS Labels

Drum labels must now be labeled with “very specific elements, including pictograms, signal words, and various hazard and precautionary statements” to be considered OSHA compliant labels.

Workplace Non-Hazard Drumlabels

Workplace/Non-Hazard Labels

For labeling chemical containers that are used in the plant, but not shipped or stored outside the plant, non-BS5609 and paper labels and can be applied. Brandywine's Poly-Twin® VP™ labels provide excellent strength and durability at a fraction of the cost of BS5609 film labels and are an excellent choice for workplace and non-hazardous labeling.

Assortment of Brandywine Primelabels

Product Labels

Brandywine Prime™ product labels are the durable, on-demand digitally printed alternative to costly rolls of pre-printed labels for auto-application. The advent of color inkjet roll-to-roll printers allow Brandywine customers to print their product labels as needed without the need to over laminate. Moreover, we are ideally equipped to support the auto-labeling application of labels in all manner of sizes and shapes to a wide variety of containers big and small.

Green Labels – Zero Waste

If you have a Zero Waste (Land Diversion) program in your plant or if you’re looking to reduce your waste costs, on-demand label printing is for you.

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