Brandywine Prime™ Glossy labels are die-cut to fit the shape and contours of your bottles and cans, with full edge-to-edge printing. The unique chemistry of our Brandywine Prime™ Glossy Paper and Glossy Film labels allow you to print beautiful, vibrant and durable labels from your own labeling system or a simple PDF library.

Our standard durability metrics include resistance to water, alcohol, acetone and UV exposure, and scratch, tape and rub resistance for packaging and shipping. Brandywine Prime™ Glossy labels have been tested and are recommended for use on a full assortment of roll-to-roll inkjet and laser printers.

Digital inkjet label printing technology is revolutionizing the printing industry by introducing low cost, fast, reliable label printers with excellent print quality. Improvements in roll-to-roll laser printing now allows for both wide and narrow width digital laser printing. True print-on-demand label printing with low cost, durable inks renders operating with a preprinted label inventory prohibitively expensive and inefficient.

While consumer-oriented products previously required pre-printed labels that were over laminated, the advances in digital print technology, combined with more durable inks and coatings, now allow manufacturers to print labels on demand without the need to over laminate. Beautiful and durable Brandywine Prime™ Glossy labels printed roll to roll are easily transferred to application equipment and then onto containers of all shapes and sizes.

Want to find out how on-demand labeling will work for you? We’ll identify the appropriate printer for your labels and containers, send you video of your labels being printed and ship those labels to place on your applicator. You will then have beautiful and durable Brandywine Prime™ labels automatically applied to your chosen container, ready to ship to your customers. —
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